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  1. Lol, remember E3 2012?!
  2. You should definitely go get help. Your life cant move forward until you let it to. Your turning 30 and you should make your own decisions not based on what your mom wants. its not shameful to want help or seek it. As your mom , she only wants whats best for you.
  3. Yeah its the first time i have got 100% achievements in just to give myself an excuse to play the game longer. i love it.
  4. So this is the game im playing right now, and it is frickin great. Its made by one guy, Dean Dodrill. Its very beautiful, the voice acting is some of the best i have heard, and its a Metroidvania style game in a sense.Any one else playing this or thinking of picking it up? http://www.giantbomb...-27691/reviews/
  5. i liked reading the descriptions of the planets , but the probing sucked.
  6. is it weird that even though i have never met any of you, or ever hope to, i consider you guys very important to my developement as a person? The same goes for AE in general, i am gonna be very sad when it shuts down for good.
  7. yeah i finished the first 2. i gotta get the third one tomorrow
  8. Chrono Trigger on iOS . WHY CANT I STOP BUYING THIS GAME!!!!
  9. brian! i totally just bought a bunch of Locke and Key. They are effin great!
  10. its goin. chillin like a villain and all that jazz.
  11. it took me getting drunk to realize, i need to get laid! goddamn!
  12. I am really debating on buying a house, or quitting my job and travelling Europe for a few months.......... decisions, decisions.
  13. just watched the most recent true grit. great movie
  14. i am currently playing Dragon Age 2. not too shabby, just buying time till Amalur comes out!! so pumped.
  15. i be back bitches! weeeeeeeeeoooooooooooo!!!!
  16. Dont really see a suikoden any time soon. Doesn't sell well enough
  17. Am I the only one with a halo 4 nerd boner?
  18. Assassins Creed Brotherhood. I had to play this after the ending of number 2 cause "what.the.fuck"
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