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  1. ROBIN! You ever coming to SF again?
  2. Back to EVE Online again.
  3. I've been playing SCII in my spare time again.
  4. We moved this to a better bit of hardware. WOO! Cheaper on my part as well and a better VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider (digitalocean.com) I've used them for other stuff as well, so we are set for a while.
  5. I watched indie game this week. a really awesome film.
  6. Me at the racetrack in california. I think I looked the part.
  7. Rocksteady: can I get a copy of your stuff?
  8. I got hungover owls a columbia vest $20 to thinkgeek startrek playing cards $350 roots sweatshirt roots pajama pants
  9. Baltar

    Fantasy Football

    In the championships boys!
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