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  1. Ofermond - Maasseh Nechushtan
  2. Whoa, AE is still here, and I remembered my password. How's everyone doing?
  3. bang bang sorry to hear that Rocks, shit sucks
  4. for suuure, that's at my parents house, but i'll pass on the compliment
  5. eh, kinda fell off the internet for a while, but i'm back in bidness!
  6. oh hi! i'm not sure if i ever posted a pic on here...
  7. Welcome back Tim Anaal Nathrakh - [in The Constellation Of The Black Widow #02] I Am The Wrath Of Gods And The Desolation Of The Earth
  8. Monarque - [Ad Nauseam #03] Mes Blessures
  9. Solefald - [Red for Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey, Part 1 #02] Survival of the Outlaw
  10. Yeah actually, It sounds better than Silent Waters (But I didn't much like that one...) Skagos - [Ást #03] Blossoms Will Sprout From the Carcass
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