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  1. 4,483 bottles of beer on the wall, 4,484 bottles of beer supposedly it got deleted, and then started anew. 4,482 bottles of beer on the wall
  2. MadHatter


    yes, thats right, all praise ceiling cat, all praise me. *Evil-laugh.wav*
  3. MadHatter


    I had a dream where i got sucked into Oblivion, the game, and so did my friend. We still had our headsets and stuff so we could still chat, but we both looked liked our characters, and had their abilities and status. He had just started the game and was working the arena for money, while i had beaten Jyggalag, become the leader of the nights of the nine, was the grey fox, listener for the black hand, and really well known. Neither of us believed that each other was in oblivion. I told him i had a major problem, and said that i was standing outside of the imperial city. He says "So? i've got REAL problems, i'm IN the arena, risking my life" Then i told him that i was actually standing outside the Imperial city, physically, i was my character. He told me the same thing except he was in the arena. I eventually went to the arena and waited for him to come out. Then it ended. But, knowing my dreams, the next episode will happen tonight.
  4. I had a dream once, i dreamt ceiling cat came and killed me, but then i realized i was ceiling cat so i technically killed myself, and then i died in real life, now my spirit lives on in the form of the internetterz
  5. MadHatter


    My friends, you will be happy to be being on the looking out for a picture of teh master cheefz alongside yours truly, teh ceiling kat, i shall up lowdz it later
  6. Assasin's Creed Oblivion, Shivering Isles, KOTN Halo 3 Battlestations Midway Orange Box Among many other computah games
  7. so today, i made a monkey out of an eraser and then stole it....sgt grumbles, i gots tah showz it to ya
  8. MadHatter

    your dream life

    Become a famous artist, go insane, put in a padded room with only a marker and barred windows. Escape from said padded cell to a place nobody knows about. Leave behind in that padded cell, written on the wall, in marker, a bunch of jibberish that cleverly hides my intents and whereabouts. Get a T.V. so i can watch them search for me, realize i dont have power and invent a mutant gerbil powered generator, harness the mutant gerbil i create for power. Then, when they're close, unleash my mutant gerbil army upon them and eventually conquer the known world, and unknown world.
  9. i just got the shivering isles expansion for oblivion, and i would definatley recommend it.
  10. looks like a mikolov to me...or maybe sven....
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