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  1. oh boy its been a while. gf and i moved in together and started new jobs in salmon arm. almost debt free aswell. under 400 bucks worth now. far cry from the 5 grand it started out as
  2. hell yes. 17 days off. 11 days of it paid and the rest my regular weekends. so much gaming, time with the girlfriend and at some point i find out if i'm getting a promotion and moving to a new store in a new city
  3. bad and good. my days off got changed next week to 1 off, 5 on, and 1 off. gotta go show the boys in kelowna how to do things properly. good paycheck and 2 days off with the GF but split days off kind of suck
  4. well damn working computer again.what demon magic enabled 2 hdds to work for 6 years with no power hooked to them i'll never know. damn you mike! boss is off for a week so i ended up in charge of the lovely group of miscreants called maintenance and it has sucked so far. stat week plus 1 left to go back to school and no replacement has been hired yet, along with 1 has been sick for 2 days now. and to top it off the store is converting to a supercenter so departments are getting pulled apart, then the 1 guy we have for waxing(because of said sick person) has to strip and scrape half a department and wax it in a short period of time so they can move a whole new set of shelving in
  5. a very sore bruised neck tattoo the day it was done
  6. life is finally fucking great. got put on fulltime with benifits at my current job, my debts are almost gone, got an awesome girlfriend (even if she damn near tortured me for 2 hours today), and in celebration of it all i got my throat and neck inked. i can say it only really hurt when he rewent over everything to darken the blacks and added the smoke shading around the whole thing. it was a holy fucking jesus christ in a birch bark canoe with no paddle 15 minutes
  7. 99% chance i'll be full time soon. first things on the docket. get this tooth thats been broken for over 2 years fixed with the dental i'll be getting and book a week or 2 off in summer to go to montreal with a buddy of mine who grew up there and wants to rent a car and go there with a few people this summer
  8. well quitting smoking was ruined by work. every single floor washer is broken or is at the center for repairs. i had to hand mop the entire walmart last night. thank the various deites i'm on a special project tonight
  9. there. barring an allergic reaction to spironolactone i should be starting estradiol valerate right on my birthday. happy birthday to me on nov 25th
  10. prometheus. it was good in my books. felt like stuff was missing but i personally enjoyed it. loved the ending
  11. Borderlands 2 whenever my roomate is at work or sleeping and i can jank his copy. level 23 splatter witch rocking elemental smgs. and whenever i'm playing with him comando with nothing but slag weapons. works great with his assasin. otherwise star ocean last hope on ps3
  12. oh ma lawd is dat sum titty skittles? also finally got ahold of some wytchwood brewery beers again. hobgoblins still my favorite so far
  13. pretty much. i got lucky and had got my first break in a place where the managment spread the word about me. the only reason i managed to get any job in this town was connections built at my first job. and i got my job in kamloops because i was friends with the bakery managers parents anyways i clean at walmart now. not too bad. 3 shifts a week and everythings paid with some to spare every month. and as i found out last night poop on the bathroom ceiling is something i clean. its hard getting a ladder into there
  14. i really should talk more to people on my facebook list. i have alot of people on there i like and/or have known for a while but haven't talked to in years. and just status watching is boring. feel bad not talking to you guys that are on my lists
  15. ahhh. that feel when your kitty is old enough to be able to just chill with you but young enough to go insane at a moment notice and bounce a shaky mouse all over your room
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