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    These shackles shall no longer bind me.
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    Hey Everyone I am back surprise I was un-banned don't know why i was banned in the first place. Also I was Tricky_Dick don't know who figured that out if anyone but secrets out surprise!! Good to be back here under my true moniker.
  3. Thanks for setting the date. I have been super busy and need to take a back seat this year. I am glad you are fine with being co commish this year. Also seams like most of the new owners have joined we are only missing one team. Which we must get before the draft.
  4. Scar sent an email to your boy. Belial i removed your team.
  5. So i apologize for not activating the league sooner. Over the past couple of months I have been working on my first independently funded short film and have graduated from college. As such i have not been paying as much attention as I should've. That being said get your keepers in and give me your dates for draft attendance. Also this year unless there are objections I will be assigning the Miami Molesters League Admin powers so that I can take more of a back seat in running this league. Also this year i need to spend some more time becoming an employed member of society. This is a
  6. http://imageshack.us...guekeepers.png/ By my count there are six keepers selected. Also in order to view the league keepers you go to your team page and selct the option keepers on the topish of the page then it should bring you to a keeper slection then view league keepers.
  7. No most of the people do not post on Ae but if you look at the keepers most of the league has picked theirs also i was able to extend the keeper selection period.
  8. Reminder select your keeper I have also mad changes to the rules to hopefully make it more competitive.
  9. Going to see both Queens of the Stone Age shows in Los Angeles!!!!!! So Excited.
  10. punroc1

    Valentines Day

    I know the feeling this is my first valentines day ever where i have a reason to celebrate it. I am sorry for making the single ones out here feel bad that was not my intent.
  11. punroc1

    Valentines Day

    I am getting my girlfriend this for valentines. She is flying out to LA to see me. As I am out here interning/ looking for internships. Just wanted to know what people are getting there significant others for valentines day. And what there plans are. Also I am probably going to take he to Oliveras Street for some mexican food.
  12. punroc1


    We should. I play on superbadass.kicks-ass.org However they are waiting for Hmod or bukkit to be updated with 1.2 Before they update the server to 1.2 However if you want to play on that server you need to down grade which i cant figure out how to do. So i have not been playing for a while.
  13. I hope it comes out soon as well. Also i may have to postpone it till the summer because I recently got some internships in LA that will be taking up a good portion of my time. However that being said I am going to lets play this bitch up the first moment I can.
  14. punroc1

    Top Ten of 2010

    You can tell me what you think of this list and whether you disagree but these are my top ten honors. Also this is not in any order. 1. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy -This Album single handedly revolutionized hip hop for the better. Or so I hope it has. 2. Titus Andronicus- The Monitor The Album of my summer. I listened to this over and over and over while driving the car around. 3. The Roots- How I got Over All of there albums use and utilize real instruments but all of them up till this one also utilized synth sounds. They are lyrically sound every time bu
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