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gary kelley gave a lecture at my school this week

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for those with no idea who rules the illustration world right now: http://www.workbook.com/assignment/artist....e=kelley&page=1

he was such a cool, normal dude. key points he made:

-it's not necessary to move to "the big city" to be successful. he lives in iowa or something

-progression in art is made by looking at work done before and building on it. showing direct influence in your work definitely isn't necessary, but learning about artists of times gone past will benefit you greatly

-get your name out there any way you can. he did posters for local theatre shows free of charge and sent stuff to illustrator's annuals until they started showing his stuff. the rest is history

you may or may not like Kelley's work, but he's one of-- if not THE most decorated illustrator in the biz. most of his works look fairly simple at first glance, but they're insanely well composed and thought out

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I'm a huge fan of Kelley, he's probably my favorite illustrator out there. Sounds like some good advice since I know some of the art students at my school are at a refusal to study older art and then there are others who want to move to New York because they beleive as soon as they get there they'll be successful.

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you know, Gary also mentioned his background in abstract painting (which he studied in school) and how it taught him a lot about looking at his compositions as shapes and working them out before getting into details, so i have been taking a long hard look at my stuff and judging the comps as harshly as i can. needless to say, things aren't looking good (as far as i'm concerned). especially after looking at a bunch of Gary Kelley and Barron Storey works

so this thing i'm working on now i decided to create a truly working composition before drawring a bit of my actual idea (not the best idea to draw out comps before concept, but i skipped the thumbnail phase like a true idiot) so we'll see how it goes

in case you're wondering why i posted this here.... i couldn't figure out where else to put it :\

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Some of his works remind me of De Chirico. Cool stuff!....

TCZ, maybe you need a mentor to offer advice/suggestions/constructive criticism? Just a thought.....

i've actually got about 5 "mentors" at my disposal right now :wink:

and Gary's primary influence for most of his work has been Tamera De Lempicka, an art deco artist who has inspired at least one major illustrator each generation for the last hundred years. you may recognize this work in particular:


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