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my uncle is dead/missing

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A letter from my dad:

"I have some sad news to pass on converning your uncle wayne. A dam broke in Kauai, Hawaii where was living and working, casuing a huge wave and flood at 5:30 AM. At present time news reports 1 dead and 1 missing. He is missing and we fear the worst has happened."

and then he was featured in a local newspaper, they interviewed my grandpa and everything:


I'm obviously really shocked, because no one close to me has ever died. I don't really know what to feel, except I'm disappointed because we were really similar in a lot of ways and there's so much I never got to talk to him about. zzz I don't really know what I am asking for by posting this but it is very shocking.

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At first when you mentioned your uncle died I was thinking he was like your mom with her penis mints etc but the social justice connection etc makes it a lot worse. u_u My minnesota aunt Linden works in welfare rights and I only remember a few small things about her but they are all very positive and I'm really afraid of going to college without meeting her because I know then I'll never see her again. I hope your uncle is okay. <3

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