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Lacuna Coil- Karmaface


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the name of the album alone makes me want not to hear it

also, i'm still a bit jaded to LC after that whole episode with Century Media hyping the hell out of Comalies a whole year after its initial release instead of saying anything about the new Orphaned Land or Finntroll albums

It's really not their fault CM is a shitty label. They've been around for a years it's just that they only now fit into a subgenre that's becoming popular with bands like Evanesance, Otep, and whatnot. Chick metal (as I'm now calling and trademarking it as) is a subgenre I've been following for years but since the mallcore kids have latched on to the sound thanks to that shit Evanesance, it's popular within the "underground" (quote/unquote). My friend's band started out a couple years ago as just a guitarist and a female vocalist and last year they were offered a contract to CM. They turned it down when the original guitarist left and now my friend is their guitarist. I plan on advising him to sign with CM because I want them to be successful but I'll warn them that the moment CM starts losing interest in them and quits promoting them like they use to, to ditch CM for The End or SPV/Steamhammer; labels that will respect them as not just another piece of property.

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Lacuna Coil definitely got a huge boost after Evanescence hit the airwaves. i remember people who'd never heard of LC suddenly knowing them after hearing "heaven's a lie" on the radio.

I don't know if you were trying to connect those two statements, but popularity by proxy and popularity by exposure are two different things.

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