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Anime watching habits


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So does anyone have any specific habits/rituals that you do when your watching anime? I really only have one, ands its highley specific: I tend to watch Yakitate Japan only in the mornings while I'm having breafast. Since the show is about competitive baking, I might as well eat a meal where I usually have bread in order quench the enivitable hunger pangs I get when watching this show. Its works the same way when I'm watching something on Food Network; I have to be eating something while I'm watching. So ya, I'm easily sessiptible to on screen marketing~

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well that's prolly cuz it usually comes out around the weekend xD

Nice avatar btw

Why, thank you. I'm workin on a sig now.

Oh, and I usually download a bunch of episodes but don't watch them right away, so I'll watch a bunch in one weekend, skip a couple weeks, watch another bunch etc.

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I do the ritual of searching for my DVD remote.

Ahahaha~ At least I'm not the only one~ XD;;

Well anyhoolies, a ritual I always do is always keep my door closed~ >_> Never know what kinda freaks can come in and bother you. And I only watch anime(in DVD version) while cuddled underneath my blankets~ :D

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