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Shadowbane, now 100% free


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I don't know if anyone around here remembers or has even ever heard of Shadowbane, but for those interested it is now 100% free (including the game client and expansion pack). This game was the first MMO that I was really addicted to, so I'm probably going to be diving back in.

For those that know nothing of Shadowbane, it's almost completely PvP driven. There are no NPC quests. The world is completely molded by the players. Almost all of the cities in the game are player built. The other aspect of the game that I really like is that characters are extremely customizable. There are dozens of ways to play a certain class and people are always coming up with new combinations, unlike in games like WoW where there are usually only about 2 viable builds per class. Shadowbane certainly has many flaws however, such as the lack of any real quest content, but for being completely free now I'd say it's worth it.

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So which server are we playing on? There's 4. I thought they were different worlds at first, but the character creation says "Server Redemption" or wtfever.

edit: I'm playing on Wrath. Fast experience means I can eat at Fast Exp Pizza again. Camera controls need work. Already lost interest

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Belial and I are on Mourning. That's the server I used to play on, so I've got a few higher level characters on it already.

Hmmm this doesnt really seem all that great.

I'm a vampire on wrath.

Shadowbane does lack the polish that games like WoW have and it can be very difficult to get into it. It's also got a pretty steep learning curve concerning character development, but once you get off newbie island at level 20 and find a good guild to PvP with, it can get pretty fun.

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Yeah I can see how people may also feel that way with Ultima Online, a game I still play on and off on the best free server possible (have been playing on and off there for 3 years)

Steep learning curve for new comers, but I find the game has an insane high amount of polish :wub:

I may continue to give this a try, but when I have a WoW subscription and a free UO to goto when feeling in the mood for some old-school pvp, I'm not too sure.

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