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Accelerated Evolution

Totally Absurd Inventions


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This actually reminds me. I need to get some patents (All you really need is the concept) and then see if a company wants to buy it off of me so I can pay for college.

I don't know, the main character of "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville" tried that, but then he became the laughing stock of the town and he ended up losing everything. The lesson I'm trying to give here Darkon is... Well... Don't make deals with the devil, I learned that the hard way. Had to quest through the 7 circles of Hell and duel the Devil in the game of choice to get that soul certificate back. Ironically, he's still probably going to get it in the end. Luckily I will have blasphemed so much that I'll be one of his genera- you know what? Nevermind. Make deals Darkon. Make them well! Ha ha ha ha!

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