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This is carried over from the Video Games forum of all places. Do you have a problem with obnoxious, drunk sports fans? Or do you like them? Or are you even one yourself?

I myself (Copied from VG).

Going to a sports game annoys the hell out of me most of the time. Lacrosse is fine since the Final Four is all a bunch of super intelligent Hopkins, Princeton, Syracuse, or Virginia alumni and their young kids. The worst that's happened to me is some energetic 6 year old accidentally hitting me with a ball.

Baseball is fine unless it's an important game. Usually I can sit all alone in the shade and just watch the game.

Football (Both American and Real) have some of the most obnoxious fans alive.

Basketball and Hockey (My one true love) I can't comment on.

But some people can put up with drunk ass holes better than I can.

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I remember this time at an O's game actually. A woman was sitting... tough to describe... but it was the bottom level but towards the back. In center field. And she's screaming at Mazilli to take out the pitcher (Who incidentally blew the game, but that's besides the point) and those of us fans with minds started chanting "Eat a hot dog!"

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Baseball fans are okay, they're not really rowdy.

I've only been to high school basketball games and pretty much it's mellow. I mean, no ruckus because of the supervision.

Hockey fans, they vary from where you sit in the Saddledome. In the lower bowl, most of the people are corporate so they don't get too rowdy. This one Flames game where we sat in the lower bowl, there was this guy sitting behind us and he was vocal, cheering the guys on but when there was a BS call against the Flames, he started harping on this player from the other team. It wasn't bad, it was actually pretty funny because the guys beside us started to join him and they only started after 6 glasses of beer.

In the 2nd tier of the Dome, it also varies from where you sit. The first time I sat up there, it wasn't so bad. It just got a little heated because some were swearing their mouths off - we lost so I guess that's why.

Second time, it started out good. But there were four guys across the aisle from us and they were so hammered I wanted to throw my drink at them. This one guy kept waving his towel and it kept whipping the kid in front of him and the couple behind him. No one said anything because there were 4 of them and they were all drunk. And then he kept standing up and staring at us screaming at how we weren't 'real' fans because we weren't cheering like idiots. We won but the game overall wasn't that pleasant.

Hopefully the next home game won't be so bad and I'll actually be sitting around fans who can control themselves.

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I don't mind drunks as long as they don't obstruct my view, or throw stuff. I can live through having a beer spilled on me. You can easily avoid drunks if you know people with season tickets, who can tell you where other season ticket holders sit. Season ticket holders may occasionally spill drinks,or yell loudly a lot, but most of them know what makes other people angry and avoid doing it.

Some drunks aren't bad. One, who sat in front of me, told me to just hit him and tell him to sit down if he was getting obnoxious. He also had the habit of screaming "I Smoke Rocks!"

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That sounds pretty bad to me. I would rather watch the game than keep a drunk in line.

Him screaming "I smoke rocks" was just funny, not actually annoying, and he didn't get out of line. One game, he spilled one of his many beers, but that happens all the time, and he apologized to the guy he spilled it on, and offered to help clean it up (which not everybody does)

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