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Designing Magic

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Right now, I'm starting a book about a demon come to Earth to get drunk and laid under the pretext of teaching magic. Yes, a demonic ESL teacher.

The only problem is...I'm not sure how magic works. I've got some notes that it should "be like language to avoid headaches" but naught else. My main character, Magnifico, has already phased out of reality and walked through students, removed an arrow from his chest, and will soon be conjuring a potato and a tomato for the day's lesson*.

The backstory is that there was a Celestial Conjunction, allowing things to cross between Earth and Hell (and, probably, Heaven, Asgard, etc., but my book chiefly concerns demons and humans) and magic to rise again on Earth. There are old magic teachers around who know everything there is to know about pagan/Wiccan cosmological theory and couldn't cast spells to save their lives (but will at least breathlessly explain how their magic *influences* events in imperceptable ways). The world is more or less as it is before, except that large businessmen now admit their industrial and business ties to Hell and knowing magic is widely percieved as the way to "the good life."

And cross-species relationships are Not Approved. Fathers seem to get Uppity when their daughters date demons.

Suggestions on magic?

*"Alright, repeat after me: TOMATO + POTATO = POMATOE! ... good, now get in pairs and repeat the lesson while I go lie down..."

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