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This was posted on JaME:

On Friday morning, while coming back from a live, the members of Aikaryu we involved in a road accident. Kaworu sustained minor injuries and was discharged from hospital on the same day, Teru and Daiki are admitted and under observation, Uli has suffered bone fractures in both legs, Shagrath and roadie Sano have suffered skull injuries.

Daiki is updating his diary with news concerning the condition of his fellow bandmembers. As far as we know at the moment, Teru is feeling better already and he can use a wheelchair, Uli has an oxygen mask on and will be needing half a year of rehabilitation, while Shagrath and Sano will probably undergo a surgery. The condition of Shagrath seems to be the most serious, but the details remain unknown even to Daiki, who himself remains bedridden.

Pretty crappy news. Hopefully they will all be okay but I guess they won't be making music for a while. If you want to read translated journal entries go to http://community.livejournal.com/susume_pirates/

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