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Goblet of Fire


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I actually got to see a preview screening of this in an IMAX theater which was fairly awesome...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was like watching a crack head's cliff notes version of the book on fast forward.

That said, it was really able to capture the 'feeling' of the book and visually it was just stunning. Also, Ron = <3

Oo! and Voldemort was pretty amazing looking, too!

I made sure I didn't reread the book until after I saw the movie because, yes, they left out massive amounts of good stuff....but I have to divorce the two in my head and enjoy the book for how absolutely wonderful and complete and multi-layered it is....and enjoy the movie for being a lot of fun to look at. This movie was definitely made for people who love the books and are able to fill in the blanks on their own.

anyone else see it yet?

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I'm not one for Harry Potter movies, but I went to my aunt's for Thanksgiving. And having three llittle cousins who double as Harry Potter fans I went along to see it. I've never read a Harry Potter book, or seen a Harry potter mvie in full, so take that into consideration while you're reading. I didn't think it was all that bad. I like the effects, I got some laughs out of it and I appreciated the evil overtones. Though at times it might've been a bit much for 7 & 8 year olds [my third cousin's only a year younger than I.] at least I thought so. And like I said, I don't know enough to makea hard opinion, but I didn't see much plot coming into play. I was kinda hoping for an awesome battle between Harry and Mr. Satan. But I didn't get one. So, I'm not real clear on what happens in the book that that movie's based on, but I'm sure there had to be more plot than that. But I mean it wasn't bad. But I probably wouldn't see it again. At least not until having read/watched previous Harry Potter books/movies.

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Though at times it might've been a bit much for 7 & 8 year olds

in all fairness, it is rated PG-13 :tongue:

and yeah, it's like I suspected then, it pretty much was done in such a way that the people that have read the books know exactly what is going on, and the others get to enjoy the eye candy


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r.t. I did the same thing with the books! I haven't read it since before school started. xDD

I just saw it :D me and katherine got there an hour early like "ololol we are so hardcore" and there were 30 people already in the theatre O_o

The previews had like five previews for movies with random woodland creatures, comments

- There's one movie about penguins just dancing I think

- I liked the preview for "Lady in the Water" cause Katherine was like "I don't want to see this it looks too artsy" xD but I suppose it wouldn't be a very good movie, I just liked the preview for the music and the way it looked

HP was good I thought! (Best of the four,)

- Fleur was really pretty! good casting choice

- but all the Harry/Hermione relationship/hints got on my nerves x_x She seems so bossy in the movies, and I guess she's like that in the books but it's balanced out by Ron and the movie was like "lol whatever" about that.

- Krum is weird looking

- Voldemort is well done, I don't see how everyone said he was scary

- harry in bath = <3 (but I didn't like the lighting in that scene, the blue lights made it seem cold, even though it was a warm bath)

- myrtle is really strange, still glad I never saw the second movie

- Rita Skeeter was well cast

- yup ron = <3

- CG was good, surprised me

- The graveyard setting was exactly like I imagined, except I imagined it with brick walls all around.

- fred and george = <333333

- Fleur has a mole on her thigh! :O

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Hm, I'm not sure what to think. All the scenes they included that were true to the book were very well done but I can't help thinking they left out too many details. Someone who hadn't read the books would be really confused at certain times. I would have liked to see some of the Quidditch Cup. And was it just me or did Krum have like 3 total lines in the entire movie? The fact that there were no obstacles in the maze was a bit off-putting as well, just some sinister wind. Other than that, heh, I liked it.

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I saw it on the day it came out and the theatre was packed with kids. Honestly it wasn't a bad movie, quite funny at times. But I could've waited until it showed up on my satellite.

In all fairness, it was better than paying for a movie (friends bought me the ticket) and I didn't even go to class that day. ~_~

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I about died during the scene where Harry takes a bath and OMG. <3

heh...I actually thought of you while watching that scene in the theatre

HP was good I thought! (Best of the four,)

- fred and george = <333333

I agree totally!

I imagined Krum to be more handsome, not sure why.

me too...I don't have my book handy, but wasn't Krum described as handsome? or darkly handsome...or something like that...

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oO; it was less than 2 hrs? wow, isn't the whole thing about harry potter that you go watch it in the afternoon and come out at night time.

Me and my friends went to the film at 10:30 p.m and got out at 1:00 a.m.

heh...I actually thought of you while watching that scene in the theatre

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. XD

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