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Accelerated Evolution

This is blatant spam

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Don't forget Dr. Octopus, since he's also there.

"I delight in turbid images, my friend. You must not have forgotten my warning on the subject of wiged octopi who will, any day now, bring messages of stern admonishment to the cities of the world. Did you observe the flight of these gloomy, coruscating molluscs when you stood with your face pressed to the window, shocking passerby with the sight of your hollow cheeks and wild hair? Your strigiform eyes never blinked. But though you observed the murderer and the pederast giving each other confident nods in the street, perhaps you noted nothing else amiss. Octopi possess superior powers of camouflage, despite being colour-blind..."

(and if you can't guess what that's from, you get no cookie)

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