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1) Hillary will run, she will lose, probably in the primaries. Nobody actually like her

2)I'm still all for Dean, because he could have a chance against Jeb

3) If Colin Powell runs, he wins. I doubt he will run

4) Condi might run, as might Jeb, Newt, and McCain.

5) If McCain wins the Republican nomination, he wins, but the chances of that are slim

6)Condi can't win, because she couldn't carry the North(too republican) or the south(too black and female)

7) if newt wins, I buy stock in candian home building companies. I also consider guns, massive amouts of food, water, and a bomb shelter

8) if Jeb runs, he probably gets Rove, If he gets Rove, his chances of winning increase, no matter who he runs against.

9) Chuck Norris should win, but won't bother running

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As it stands now, no Democrat has the backing of Hillary. She could certainly lose it in the primaries, but she is so far ahead of her competition.

With the Republicans, Condelezza would be a very likely candidate but since she has repeatedly said she won't run that probably won't happen. McCain is, obviously running, and has the great platform "I will beat any Democrat in the entire world. I am a guaranteed victory." Guiliani will have a strong backing from a lot of young Republicas and liberal Republicans, but his whole pro-choice stance sinks him in the south. Jeb Bush (Our President's brother) is apparently planning to run, but he'll have a hard time getting through the primaries except in a few southern states. Then you get Brownback and other religious conservatives. Translation: The Republican party is going to have infighting resembling that of our U.S. Congress.

As for what I'm registering, voting for, etc. I'm currently independent, but because of how pivotal primaries are in actually determining who becomes president (If more people cared about primaries it would've been McCain-Gore in 00) I'm probably going to register for a party. Possibly Democrat if things get close between Hillary and (random competition [Kerry, Edwards, Warner, Biden, whoever else decides to run]). I don't want to register Republican, but if there is one man in Washington I respect it's John McCain.

I would vote third party, and still might, but I want to be assured the Republican dominance has been hurt by the split which seems more and more inevitable every day. If the religious voters leave, things in this country will become so much better.

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