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christmas traditions


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- we buy a tree at a place with gravel or grass for ground when it is nighttime, (my mom makes sure not to go to someplace with pavement xD it's an aesthetic thing, I used to think it was a real forest), and run around in the treeees.

- When we lived in Ohio there was this bar thing above a door, and I would always ask for an extra christmas tree wrapper, and tie it around the bar and make a swing cause it stretches out for your butt so i got to go on a swing everyday :3 Usually it lasted until April before it started to break, and you had to start sitting more and more near the knot or else it would break faster. months of fun! It was always sort of exciting when it broke though cause you got flung through the living room xD.

- now, those mini hot dog things wrapped in pastry ^^

- putting up christmas lights!

- 1 month straight of any car ride conversation being only "oh man white lights suck"

- stockings (mine is really cute, it is extremely long and cylindrical knitted blue with santas and jingly bells and stuff), putting them up the night before ^^

- Leaving gatorade for santa O_o The cat drinks milk and I thought why not give him energy? My dad readily agreed xD

- decorating the tree (dad does lights, i used to do garlands but now mom/sister cause i'm lazy, mom/me/sister do ornaments)

- little ceramic christmas tree with lightup bulbs is placed in the house :D :D I <3 that thing

- Little thing made up of lots of bells that play a song when you turn them on placed in house, it's a love/hate relationship

- going to see relatives (that live close so it's not a big travel deal)

- anddd of course presents.

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My family usually drives down to Florida, where the rest of our family lives, every Christmas (It's really only like every other Christmas these days though). We live in Michigan, so it's a long drive. On Christmas Eve, we go to church (my family isn't really religious, but my Grandparents go to church fairly often. Christmas Eve is usually the only time I ever go to church) in the evening. We all then drive back to my Grandparents house, where everyone eats oyster stew and other assorted appetizer type foods like boiled shrimp and this bitchin' cheese dip. We also gorge ourselves on a wide variety of Christmas cookies. After eating, we all sit in the living room and pass out presents from under the tree, beginning the long process of opening them. It usually takes a couple hours since we open them one at a time, starting at the youngest person in the room and going to the oldest, which loops continuously until all presents are opened and accounted for.

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