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Help Me Freak Out My Teacher

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It's for a radio play called Beard Chair I'm doing.

We get to do a special project, and special this shall be.

Simply record yourself saying one of these things:

(Don't worry about how good of an actor you are)

"His beard... was... captivating."

"The Muffin Man is made from dough, no doubt"

"What can a chair do? What can a chair DO!?"

"Officer Lollipop can't take on the beard alone!"

"Oh, darn, oh, no, oh, aagghghgghgh!"

"Ever catch yurself a big hairy chair?"

"It was obvious the day had been saved"

"Great God, oh no. This is Armegedon"

"That bearded chair is leaning like an elevated castle!"

"They've been riding on my bones all day!"

"If we don't run, we better hide, cause that chairs vicious!"

PS: This isn't going to make any sense, just help me though~ record some!~ D:


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If I didn't have to go to work in a few, I'd try recording some of these for you in my sexy sexy voice.

Well, make sure it's school appropriate! This isn't just for me! xD

I was going to record one, but after Mith's, I don't think any more are needed.

No, no, I need as many as I can. And you can make up your own too.

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