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Diru LA show report


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Alright so we got back from LA around 1 in the morning and let me tell you it was amazing. We got to LA at about 2 in the afternoon. As we approached the Wiltern theater, we could already see a huge line of fans waiting. And this is 5 hours before the doors opened. The line stretched about 3/4ths of the block already. It was a pretty crappy spot we thought because the way the venue is set up is only the first 200 people in get to be in the pit. The inside has levels so down in the first level is where the pit was (the black outline), the ground level (where we were with the black squiggle) and then the reserved seats were in the balcony up top.


But it turned out that it was better not to be in the pit because the pit was rather calm which was lame and also, I had a perfect view of Die the entire time. We were no more than about 20-25 feet from the stage. We waited about a half hour for the openeing band to finish and then we got to wait fot them to set up Diru's equipment. Then it all started. The lights went down and G.D.S started. Everyone started going wild and threw their fists in the air while screaming "Kill! Kill! Kill!". Basically what you've seen in the dvd's. Shinya came out first and everyoe went nuts. It was really dark and I had a lot of hands in my way so I couldn't see too well. But I think first Kaoru came out, then Toshiya, Die, and finally Kyo walked out all angsty looking like always. The crowd went nuts after he walked out. And bam they opened the show with Clever Sleazoid. The crowd sung along with him and were especially loud when he yelled "Cockroach". It was an excellent performance and Kyo was already showing tons of energy and at the end everyone at the show yelled "I will fuck your parents!" to Kyo. It was pretty amazing. Next they went into Saku and gave on hell of a performance. The crowd was pumping and we were throwing our hands in the hair and headbanging like crazy. After Saku they played Jesus Christ RnR. This was a crowd favorite as everyone would scream "Rock and Roll!" along with Kyo. I forget which song was next but I do remember this is the song where Die started to get in a pissy mood. He just stood there not seeming into it. I don't know if was just him being nervous or the fact that his guitar was fucking up. They had to stop for a few minutes after the song so they could fix it but Die still seemed a little "bleh" after that. He just stood in the dark, but no matter, I kept my eyes on him most of the time just because I was seeing one of my idols right infront of me. Again I forget which songs came next (all you need to know is they played through WtD) and during these songs is when Kyo started to get his bloodwork going. He ripped off his shirt, popped the blood cap in his mouth and began scratching his chest. It was amazing to see him do that in person. We all cheered really loud when he did it. They took a small break after this as the stage went dark. Retuning and the whatnot and Kyo went infront of the drumset and looked as though he died. We were all still screaming and cheering. Kaoru came and rallied the crowds as well as Toshiya then Die. This is where the played the slower songs from WtD. I don't remember which order though, they just grouped them together, including The Final. When The Final started the lights went off and Kaoru started the song. People were pumped. When the chorus started, a lot of us from Batsu had a plan to light red glowsticks at that point, but the plan didn't go down so well. Only a few people actually snuck them inside and the few people that did break theirs out threw them or got them snatched away. I tried to get mine out but there was a security guard right next to me and was staring at me the whole time which sucked. They didn't have the pyro work going for the song at this show which made me a bit sad but oh well the song was still amazing to hear live. Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki was after The Final and that was done really well. The other songs are a bit of a blur as to which order. Dead Tree was great and it was a much much much better performance than the live track on the Clever Sleazoid cd, which was good. And during Higeki, Kyo got on his platform to do a solo. But some people were cheering during this and it pissed me off. It pissed a lot of people off too actually. They pretty much ruined the solo for him and the rest of us. Next I know for sure was Kodou. It was one of the songs I coulnd't wait to hear live and I loved everybit of it. It sounded so well, almost as good as the studio. And when Die and Kaoru started their wah pedal work, I just couldn't keep my eyes off either of them. Here I may be mixing it up but I believe Machiavellism was the last song off WtD that they played. I think it was a good way to end that set. The crowd was really pumped and I especially was. The song is so energizing that even though we were all sweating, bruised, hot, and tired, we were able to give it our all in cheering during that song. This is where they went off stage for a bit. My area of the crowd started to scream encore but some people did the "en co reh" that the Japanese crowd does. After a few minutes they finally came back on stage with different clothes on. Randomly, here is where I realized that my cousin and Toshiya looked a lot alike. I'll describe quickly what they looked like. Kaoru wore black jeans and a bit of a fitted grey tshirt. Die was wearing his ripped jeans and a white t-shirt that said "Die" in some sort of bubble lettering, Toshiya had on tight jeans and I think it was sort of an olive colored shirt. I forgot what Shinya was wearing as I couldn't really see him, but I know he had on a white jacket. And I don't think Kyo changed. His shirt was still off as I recall. They began the encore with Mr. Newsman. We all went crazy as soon as we heard Die's guitar intro. I wasn't really expecting them to play that but I'm glad they did. It was very very high energy. Die, Toshiya, and Kaoru all moved around on stage and going to the other sides. Which was good. Because now I actually got to see Kaoru and Toshiya upclose. These two looked probably the most energized aside from Kyo. After Newsman, we got a bit of a surprise. They played their new song. No one knows what it was called but it sounded a little iffy. It might be because it's new and they don't have it down as solid as they do other songs, but I remember one part during the song when the instruments would rest for a few quick beats and start again, then stop, and start for a few measures. That part I really liked. The IIID Empire was next and that was awesome. That was one of my favorite tracks off Vulgar so it was good to hear that. And then the sadness came. Kyo yelled "LAST SONG!" and he and Die both stuck out their index fingers indicating "one". At least they chose a good one and a special song to me since it was my first Diru song, Child Prey. This was amazing. Die was headbanging like crazy (he did that in a few other songs but this is where he seemed like he had the most energy). The crowd would sing the "woah" parts that Die, Kaoru, and Toshiya sing in the song and it was super awesome. I had so much energy during that song I really wasn't ready for it to be over. The song ended and Die took off his guitar and held it in the air before they did one last drum bang and guitar strum before they ended the show. Die threw only like two picks before he left. Kaoru and Toshiya threw a few. But they didn't come far enough for me to reach, which was a disadvantage of not being in the pit. And Shinya of course threw his drumsticks. One came into the crowd next to me. Lucky devil whoever caught that one. Kyo went infront of the drums for about a minute. He picked up this platform on the stage and threw it. After that, he grabbed a bucket of water, threw it into the pit, grabbed another one, poured it on his head, and started to walk away with the bucket on his head. He took it off looked at the crowd and said"Bye bye now" into the mic and walked off.

All in all it was an amazing show. I hope we didn't scare them off and they'll play some more shows soon. It was a sold out show and we all absolutely loved them. It didn't seem real at first and I couldn't believe half the time that I was seeing Die with my own eyes and pretty close to him. I was seeing these guys in flesh and bone, as humans, and not as just files on my PC. I definately recomend going to see them if you get the chance. You won't be let down. I give the concerto a 10/10 even if Die seemed a bit angsty through some of it. :P

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Some did, I saw flashes during the crowd from cameras. I'm looking on Batsu to see if anyone posted any but the only one I found was this:


woo-hoo great review. Makes me want to rehash the diru obsession.

Too bad they mostly did stuff off WtD, everyone likes their old albums more.

Yea I wish they had played older stuff but WtD is so much better when you hear it live cause you get that energy. I was really hoping to hear Red...[em] live but that was just asking a little too much. xD

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Warcon has released information that Diru now has an offical Myspace (oh noes! I'm sure is what most of you are thinking) but that's not what I'm announcing. I'm actually posting the part that they have also stated that WtD's May 16th release will be supported by A MUCH LARGER TOUR. :D No dates yet as far as I know but I'll keep you posted.

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I'm sure they will. They will probably go to the bigger cities around the country since this is an actual tour. I hope they come to Phoenix this time so it'll be more conveniant for me. Though I'm definately willing to drive 8 hours to LA to see them again.

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Wind sent me Withering to Death last night (Thanks again, bud) and literally my first reaction was "HOLY SHIT!" Never in my wildest dreams would I expect these guys to be so freaking AWESOME! Mad props Makil, this Dir en grey combined with Molten Centrifuge makes you one cool cat :cool:

I'll be wanting some more of that Dir en grey, Wind :laugh:

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