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CAD Gameday: Savage - The Battle for Newerth


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Ok, I'm cleaning up this post a little bit. I think some people were getting confused with all the links I was posting. I want to make sure everyone is using the same version of the game, to minimize problems with connecting this afternoon. I also want to address the "freeware/not freeware" issue.

Here is a link to the Windows game client, that already has the latest patch installed.

And here is a link to the latest version of the Savage Enhancement Pack, which fixes a lot of things.

I would never endorse or promote the piracy of any video game, especially one created by an independant developer like S2Games. They are no longer officially supporting Savage 1, instead focusing their energies on making Savage 2 bigger and better. I have spoken with someone at S2Games and gotten the "ok" for this.

If you have fun playing Savage with us this afternoon, you may want to think about heading over and preordering the sequel, which is currently in development.

At around 3:30-4pm I'll be posting the name of the server we're playing on.


Some members of the Savage community have put up a server for us to use. We'll just use that so you can keep playing together even after I stop.

Server name: CTRL ALT DEL Online Server


Password: ethan

It is a public server, though, so you may want to put CAD in front of your player name to identify yourself as a CAD reader.

Ok, we were getting too many veterans coming in an farming. We've password protected the server now.

Well, now that S2's given an ok, I can post this :p The game's auth server is down (has been down ever since the 3-year old 2.00e patch), so you can use any CD key you want. People have been bickering over whether the game is actually free or not for ages.

It's a nice atmosphere in the CAD server, half the players are still learning the game and the other half will answer questions :)

For those who don't know, Savage is considered an FPS/RTS game - one person takes the commander position and builds research facilities, while the other players play the soldiers, using the items and units that the commander has researched for them. It's the fun of an FPS (with melee combat thrown in) with the strategy of an RTS!

Good luck getting into the server since it's usually full at 64 players (the ping is great though). You can try one of the other servers but don't expect them to go easy on you :p

Screenshots: http://www.s2games.com/savage/screenshots/index.php

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