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Who is going to Akon?


Who is going to Akon?  

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    • The rapper?

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I'd love to but don't have the time or money this year.. Maybe next time.

Oh and wtf at this being here? It looks like somebody either forgot to lock the "Anime / Manga" category or never set it as a category. And instead left it as just a board with sub-boards. :rolleyes:

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Well, went to Anime Expo last year, this year I'm sticking close to home and tommorrow I'll be leaving for Anime Boston. One of these days I'll get to Otakon, if that's the one I'm thinking of, I hear it's a pretty big con too. Basically I like going to cons that have Japanese guests. I honestly couldn't care less about the English VAs.

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So.....of everybody who's going, who's going officially? :O Got hotels, tickets, rides?

I'm going. Already got my hotel reserved, got my ticket, and now I just need to buy my train ticket. x3 Rawr~

You already know I am going! XD

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