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Well, it's official. Today, I got the confirmation on a job offer in Shaanxi, China. This time next year, I'll be walking down Xi'an to work, where I can see the Xianyang pyramids from the window.

To celebrate, we're having a party.

*snaps his fingers for Satan's own backing band to kick it*

The hors d'ouvres are on the virgins, the dance floor's right over there, and naked waitresses will take your wine requests. Now let's get funky.

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Hmm, do you speak Chinese?? Because... I would think that a language teacher in China would have to be fluent in Chinese also...

This is a faulty assumption everyone thinks. Honestly, these kids are familiar with English grammar and structure...it's just that they don't know anyone who speaks English to practice on and teach them things that have happened since the textbook was printed. Like the Carter administration.

EDIT: And I get four free Chinese classes per week.

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