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...first of all that is a pretty sweet underlining HTML thing you worked out there

and it is so weird to think I have known you (person in movie) for like two years on the internet, I would never talk to someone like you in real life.

i loved seeing California, I've never been there, there are really a lot of mountains and trees. (it is like I imagined from reading books by richard brautigan who writes about california)

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The shaky camera at the start almost made me puke. But nothing you can really do about that.

I like having "Vonnegut" under your search terms. As for the movie -- I decided if we knew each other in real life we would be best friends. Like this movie is a direct representation of my mind.

BUT I'M NOT SPANISH!!! (That whole scene was the best part of the whole thing)

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Last year in the improv show Julia and I got up randomly and ran across the stage screaming xD (it was an informal black box type stage). We were going to do it this year but she was busy. I wouldn't want to have to stop laughing, that's so boring >>;

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