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i've got another story for you guys

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...and i think this one's even better than the last one! :ohmy:

i already told RT, so i've had a chance to make it all understandable. the story sort of comes in two parts, so here's MY part of it:

so i'm sitting in my room doing some crap on the computer and i see my roomie's car pull up through my window. the dude in the room next to mine (ben) comes through with his bike, same as always, then i hear the girl of the house (katrina) yell from her room downstairs "BEEENNN??? TIIIMMMM??" to which we yell "whaaaat??"

and she yells back "some guy just tried to get in the house!!"

so me and ben jump into action and run in her direction, meet in the kitchen, she's freaking out, and her boyfriend/other roomie noah comes walking in the front door "some dude with a gun is looking for our landlord"

aaaaand here's the whole story, as pieced together by noah and katrina:

the three of them get home in the car, ben and noah had their bikes on top so ben brought his in the house and noah went around the side to lock his up. when he rounds the corner he sees a black dude in a hockey mask and thinks it's a friend of ours and says "hey what's going on man? ooooo terrorists!!"

then he sees there are two dudes and they have guns. one of them grabs him and holds him right there while the other dude tries to get in the backdoor, where katrina had just gone in. she sees a random guy push the door open and fast as FUCK pushes his ass out and locks the door (she's like five feet tall 90 lbs, so it's a pretty rad feat) and yells for me and ben

now the guy who just got denied goes back to noah and says "where's the guy with the magnum?" noah says "that's our landlord" and they guys look at each other for a second before hopping the fence into a neighbor's yard

so here's what went down: my roommates got home at the same time as our landlord, who owns that chevy/dodge/whatever magnum truckar thing (and lives downstairs...:| ) and these guys tried to jack it

it's cool no one got shot or robbed (well, none of US. it would've been awesome if that fucking magnum got jacked), but dudes with guns at the house sucks. i'm pretty sure we're giving the hood one more chance to pull a gun or crowbar out before we move to berkeley

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I live in Michigan. We've got two in the top five worst cities in the country as far as crime rate goes, Flint and Detroit. I've spent my fair share of time in both of them, plus I now live outside of Lansing, which is in pretty bad shape too.

I like to call it "Lake-effect crime."

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