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Shadow the Hedgehog


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Yeah, Heroes was actually good. You just hopped on the stupid "Hey! SA1 and 2 were glitchy and sucked, so this must too!" bandwagon. :P

No, I played it and beat it. Metal Sonic, too, in fact.

It was a ridiculously bad game with shitty controls, a terrible camera, insane clipping problems, awful voice acting, a retarded and unnecessary gimmick, and the worst bosses and enemies of the entire series.

Decent music, though.

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Yeah. I thought the Sonic Adventure games weren't bad at all. If they made more like that people might think higher of a 3D version Sonic game.

When I play Sonic I don't want adventures and graphics that look worse in 3d than in 2d. I want to zoom like a fucking really fast thing that is fast, on loops and stuff.

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I loved Sonic Adventure 1, but hated all the 3d Sonics past that. Looking back, the best part of Sonic Adventure was the horrible voice acting, the best being whenever Knuckles falls off a cliff. "Oh no!" And of course, the awesomely bad soundtrack, which was blarred over Phantasy Star Online constantly a week or so before SA 2 came out.

But on the subject of Shadow the Hedgehog, I can sadly say this was one of the top selling games at my Electronics Boutique. Maybe it's because we're in the middle of Suburbia and have all the kids. Or maybe Sonic fans are just really desperate.

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