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The Nerd Party Photo Thread

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Trust us, we've tried. He just refuses to have his picture taken.

take a pic of him when he doesn't know!

too bad venom's soo self-conscious -- aw well.

mst3k looks like sarah's [ya know, Sarah--] IRL friend shawn -- thats what i thought the first time i saw the pics in this thread.

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Speaking of Sarah. How is she these days?

oh, she's alright -- she's got stuff going on in her life and she's got exams coming up and tests at the moment -- so she's stressed out.

other than that, she's good -- i haven't been able to speak to her much as of late [mostly because of the things in her life and her tests that she's doing -- she needs to study] -- but she seemed alright last time i spoke to her.

maybe she might join in the summer -- who knows, i haven't asked her -- but since school will be done with...i suppose she might show up once in a while.

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I talk to her on AIM often.

how is she? you should tell her to come on MSN man, i understand that it hates her -- but still.

She didn't come to the boards last summer much, did she? I don't remember seeing her around AE at all really.

i don't think she did either -- then again, i wasn't on it as much either -- i only really began AE'ing a bit ago.

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