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Well it's that time of year. My favorite sports team is getting ready to start another, likely, losing season. And I'll be watching just about every game! So discuss your teams, the league, and post predictions.



New York Yankees - Will have another final weekend race with the Bosox, but like the Braves I can't really bet against the team that's won the division every year since 1998 (Last time a different team won the AL East it was my beloved Orioles)

Boston Red Sox - Have a great team and will certainly get the Wild Card since nobody in 2nd place has a remote chance of having a better record as they will.

Toronto Blue Jays - Won't improve as much as they think, but will have something to care about at the end of August/early September.

Baltimore Orioles - The season ends in April as we watch Markakis blossom into, hopefully, the AL's Rookie of the Year. But -- if Cabrera, Bedard, and Lopez fulfill their unbelievable potential this year... watch out.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Best season in team history and could truly finish 4th. O's and Rays will battle to not be last into the final weekend.


Chicago White Sox - The best team in baseball. End of story.

Cleveland Indians - Still need one or two more impact players to really give themselves a run at the postseason again. But the foundation for a dynasty is there.

Minnesota Twins - Johan is Johan, and the rest of the team unfortunately isn't as good as they think.

Kansas City Royals - It's not as much as finish 4th as it will be them and the Tigers are the two worst teams in the AL.

Detroit Tigers - I'm surprised a market like Detroit hasn't been able to assemble a winner in years. Things aren't changing for awhile.


Oakland Athletics - Billy Beane is the best GM in baseball. They have the opportunity to make some huge trade deadline acquistions to help them too.

L.A. Angels - A final weekend sort of deal between them and the A's. A's win out thanks to pitching.

Texas Rangers - Offense will get them to .500. Won't get them any higher.

Seattle Mariners - 75-win ballclub here, I like King Felix. Besides that they don't have much, of course Ichiro will have like 200 hits again.



Atlanta Braves - By default.

New York Mets - This is going to be a 4-team race in the final 2 weeks and the Mets will be in thick of it. Possible Wild Card winner, but I think that no team in the East will have enoguh wins to get it.

Philadelphia Phillies - Another team in the division race.

Washington Nationals - Again, another team in the division race.

Florida Marlins - How long until these guys move to Vegas?


St. Louis Cardinals - STILL the best team in the NL.

Milwaukee Brewers - If they stay healthy this is the team to watch this season. Could win enoughfor a Wild Card. Depends how teams out West and in the East play against one another (If 2 teams in either division are superior by a large amount than one of them will win the WC). If not, Milwaukee will be playing in October.

Houston Astros - Sorry guys, pitching can only get you so far. Especially without Clemens.

Chicago Cubs - If only Wood and Prior were healthy, if only.

Pittsburgh Pirates - Not good, but not terrible anymore. I don't see any signs of possible improvement in the next few years though.

Cincinatti Reds - Arroyo is one more piece to the puzzle. If they go out and get 2 more starters and a bullpen we could have a team playing in October.


L.A. Dodgers - Not good, but their division really does suck.

Arizona Diamondbacks - Can compete with the Dodgers for awhile, but will eventually trail off since they don't have the benefit of a cool fall.

San Diego Padres - Will finish with same record as last seaosn.

San Francisco Giants - Barry Bonds is a twat.

Colorado Rockies - Need to move out of Denver and to a place closer to sea level. The ballpark really, really hurts them. For our people in Denver, are there any place close by where they can build a new ballpark and play closer to sea level?

World Series?

Cardinals will win over the White Sox or Red Sox... doesn't matter really who as I think the Cards finally win another World Series this year.

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I say it will be the White Sox vs Braves in the World Series. But Braves drop the ball again in six games to the Sox.

P.S. The Colorado Avalanche will swoop in and hit 5,000 home runs and take the world series in 4.....because they're the king of all sports :biggrin:

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It won't be pretty and they won't necessarily outplay the Cards, but Leyland will do what is needed to win enough games.

Detroit teams don't play pretty, we never have and we never will. It ain't our style. Take a drive through this town and you'll quickly understand why.

But yes, Tigers will win it, and they'll do it at home.

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wtf man all i hear about is this pine tar in Rogers hand shit, fucking media I wished theyd die.

I've looked at a handful of pics and even as a fan it does look a little suspicious. I could be just dirt though, and even if it was tar, it was one inning, and he only got better after the first.

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