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Well sicne no one's dont it I'll make it.

Tuesday marked the replease of Rammstein's latest, Rosenrot. I personally enjoy the first 9 of the 11 tracks and would probably say this is maybe their second or third best album so far. So I can safely say this is a must buy for all fans.

In my searchs though the internets, I have come across a site for the 3 videos for this release, only catch is you gotta register, other than that, theres nothing.



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I've had it for a little bit longer than a month now, and I still think it sucks. It's unbelievably uninspired. The guitar work is the same shit they've been doing for years now, the lyrics are rehashed from Reise Reise and Mutter, and who the fuck thought the song in Spanish was a good idea? I really do think that the band members are getting too old to rock at this point. They joked about it around the time Live aus Berlin came out, but I think it's finally happening.

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