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Maryland fan, given where I'm from and everything.

I think people need to watch out for Nova and Texas and remember that one of these years Gonzaga will go deep in the tournament.

WVU and Memphis win my overrated teams of the preseason. But so far Memphis has done well, unlike last year's overachieving cinderella squad.

Boston College for ACC Champs? It would not surprise me, they have a very good team.

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I knew the MSU we saw the first 3 games was not the real MSU. They are a very good team and regardless of seed have to be their region's favorite. Whatever region they are in. Tom Izzo is the best coach and recruiter in college basketball.

More of this.

Its time to get this thread active.

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Texas is a great team this year, a number 1 seed if they keep up with what they're currently doing. Number 1 seeds look like this -- Tennessee, Memphis, Duke/Carolina, Kansas/Texas. UCLA is likely to sneak on there with a Pac 10 win. If Memphis doesn't lose again they're a definite. The team with the better ACC tournament finish out of Duke and Carolina has to be a lock. Tennessee if they hit a slump is out of a number 1, and I don't see any SEC teams that could replace them. If the Big 12 teams are upset then that too could open up the spot for UCLA.

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Everyone saw Davidson. Curry's the shit. I didn't think they'd get through G'town though, thought that was a bad matchup for them. They could run through their bracket now and reach the Final Four. And I picked MSU to beat Memphis.


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people were saying it would end against wisconson, but curry has proven he can take a team to the final four IMO. I wonder how he will do in the NBA, will he pull a JJ reddick and be awesome in college but blow in the NBA or will he be a legend. Time will tell i guess

Wisconsin sucks jus like every other big 10 team in the dance(this coming from a michigan fan), Kansas will stop Curry.

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