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so like after football, there is nothing to watch on mondays other then Raw

and on Fridays(like tonight) where no one calls me to go out, I watch Smackdown.

and I am sure there are other wrestling leagues out there, like the one Double J is in.

but like talk, discuss and chat or something;

Bret Hart getting inducted into the WWF hall of fame.


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The only American promotions I really follow still are TNA (Christian is the World Champion!) and WWE since it's popular. I'll download good indie matches and I make efforts to pay attention to puro.

Bret Hart will get inducted in the HoF and hopefully that will be that. Maybe a speech. I pray to god he never shows up in a destined to be shitty angle on WWE TV. It'll be cheap face pops and cheap heel heat to the max.

Orton will likely be challenging Angle at Mania in what will probably be a good match despite the fact neither Orton nor Angle can play their roles well (heel and face respectively). HHH and Cena will almost definitely be the main event and I hope and pray to the gods of wreslting that Hunter walks out with the belt. It's about time HHH was given a run on top again, there are so many new faces for him to challenge that it won't get boring.

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Orton is, by far, the most awesome wrestler in the WWF.

Angle is good, but a horrible Face, he shouldn't have trashed America before this push, it just doesn't work. He is an Olympic hero, and the Olympics are going on.......winter but maybe that's why he went Face all of a sudden.

Orton is a lovely Heel, just trashing Eddie isn't cool.

Also...... *hypes Hart vs HBK*

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Hart vs. HBK will never happen. You know the whole Bret Hart having a stroke thing put a dent in that ever possibly happen. That and the colossal egos both men wield.

Angle's only a face because he can get cheap pops and fans will cheer for him because he's Angle. Even though he's stale. I don't see what you possibly see in Orton. I see a cheap heat gaining prettyboy with moderate ring abilities.

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What do I see in Orton?

Thankfully he lost his dad, which was my least favorite episode from him.

He is a heel that works, the only others are Triple H and Angle.

I like his style, and potential, and I like his type of Heel.

Kinda like a Christian with a generation type ego backing him up.

He needs some kind of title to hold, build his character a little. Not sure I'd want to see him become a face though.

also, Shelton Benjamen has the most potential in the WWF as far as I can see it. He just has some horrid angles as of late.

Christian won the TNA title? Isn't that like something crazy? Hasn't Double J had the title for like.....ever?

Christian is cool, he was never used right. Kind of like Jericho and his horrid change from WCW to WWF.

but, what can you do other then watch.

also, props to Undertaker for Tombstoning Mark Henry.

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Christian was Rock 1998 over last summer and if he had been given the title he'd be the top guy in WWE right now. But they didn't want to do it and he walked out to TNA. Yeah, JJ had the title for a while (He runs the promotion) but now that he dropped it to Christian Cage (as he goes now) rumors have it he won't be in the title picture for a long while.

You forgot JBL when talking about heels that work. How a guy like Bradshaw gets the best heel gimmick in the past few years is beyond me, but he did it and it worked. Orton will never turn face as he'll get less face pops than Cena as a face (And is that even possible?). Edge has a pretty good heel gimmick going also.

All in all the WWE is in need of faces and not heels. They lost Eddie (RIP), Batista is injured, Cena is the worst face champion EVER, using HBK and the like at the top of the card is unproductive to all parties involved, and RVD will never be given the time at the top he deserves.

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Vince is going to use Hogan's appearance on Saturday to pressure him to doing a run-in in the HBK-Vince/Shane/maybe both? match. He's doing the same with Bret.

Oh, and if you want SD spoilers I have something hilarious to tell you.

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Tell me! emot-dance.gif

!!!! SPOILERS !!!!

Well, first off, the crowd in DC is almost all black and liberal. Well, apparently, Cena cut a promo (Unless Raw was also in DC, I forget... but it sounds like this was the SD tapings) and the crowd booed him. Everytime he said "homie" the boos got louder. Trips apparently owned him on the mic. Which is good. HHH for World Champion! He's the best option since there are so many open feuds for him to do. I could go on and on, but Trips as champ is great.

Anyway, also, Vince had a positive comment about Dubya and the place went nuts. They hate Dubya in DC more than probably any other place in the country.

!!!! END !!!!

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