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Accelerated Evolution

Please don't eat the noobies

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Just found this forum after making a search for a name mentioned in a thread on another forum...

The people seem really nice, so I'm gonna stay a while.

Editation: You won't see me until probably mid-week, I have a big project due. I should be doing it right now... :P

that person now has the biggest bragging rights of all A~E

welcome to the fray :crube:

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What name would that be?

And welcome good sir, welcome.

Can't really remember, but I'll give you a clue. I was looking for pr0n! :D

Welcome to A-E, and I strongly urge you to post in Random Thoughts, the best thread in existence. :D (I also urge you not to do your paper, that's kind of the way here)

Ah, the universal PRT thread. There's always one in a forum.

Man, avoid Random Thoughts like the plague. I am so scared of that place.

Anyway, welcome, Mr. Outdated Technology, sir.

Thanks. I always get retards online who try to make fun of my handle. It doesn't work.

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:huh: Hey, I loved pirating Oregon Trail like any other gamer, but there's a time and a place for everything, and floppy disks happen to belong in a pile with VHS tapes, steam engines, LP's and Laserdisks.

Don't forget beta tapes! And welcome to A-E! Stay and post a lot! :crube:

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