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My worst week on record.

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Let me tell you a nice little story of the past seven (or 8) days of my life, one horrifying day at a time. Although I stopped posting long posts way back when we started AE, I felt the need to speak.

Anyways, flash back to Monday of last week: I was supposed to be following Jarett, my supervisor at work, to Philly for the Dream Theater concert on Tuesday in Philly. On Monday afternoon, he bailed out because he had to sell his tickets to fix his carburator in his car. So, I shrug it off and figure I could just Mapquest this garbage and be on my way.

Well, the directions seemed simple and yet the farther you got into Philly, the more complex it became, and I got nervous. I called up one of Mercury Shadow (aka Masterplan)'s friends and see if I could follow his dad there instead, he agrees and we meet at a mall outside the state. I tell him that I will most likely just follow him since I don't drive in PA at any given time and he agrees. All is well for 5 minutes until he cuts someone off in traffic and I start trailing behind because he made it impossible to see him.

I slam my pedal to the floor to squeeze between this compact car and a huge tractor-trailer to try and catch up with him, but I couldn't find his Jeep; but then I spot the same model going off this ramp leading into a forest area, and I had little time to think and even less to check the map, so I took a deep breath and followed. It turns out this Jeep wasn't his and we were on a one way road to aggravation and hell. In my collective way, I had Ken (Masterplan) call him up and ask him where he was, and he asked us the same question.

The calm, cool, collective phrase of "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LOSE ME!?!" came from my mouth as we drive down Bumblefuck Lane in Nowheresville, PA. He said to "Follow the directions, you'll get there *click*", and I almost had an aneurysm right there on the road. After driving a good ten miles in the middle of nowhere, we come across a 10 lane boulevard and a liquor store with a couple "gangstas" hanging outside. What a scene it was to see Ken dressed in his Megadeth shirt and I in my Zepplin as we walked past this dregs of society. We get directions and end up on the road that leads to Philly.

We finally arrive to find that the Mapquest directions were wrong, and we basically had to ask a sorts of different people for directions. If anyone knows Philly, it's filled with one-way streets and most likely one of the worst road layouts next to Japan. We drove, and drove, and drove, and finally had to give up and head home because there was no feasable way we would make it to the show, turning this trip into a 6 hour roadtrip that went NOWHERE.

We head back to Jersey and pick up some Wendy's and I crash at his house for the night and shut off my phone in oder to avoid the, "WHY WEREN'T YOU AT THE CONCERT?" calls.

Apparently, shutting myself off from the world wouldn't end my misery; oh no, it would only multiply.

I wake up at 5:15 in the morning and puke my guts out into Ken's toilet, and I repeat that process 14 more times that day until I managed to call home and get my mom to take me home since I'm one that doesn't do too well in others houses when sick. I had to have them help me out of the house, and my equilibrium was so fucked I couldn't even walk in a straight line without the help of someone else.

I get home and repeat my oral defacation ritual more times than I could count, and managed to drop a few pounds in the 3 days I was sick, mainly because I had a glass of water in that entire span.

I go into work the next day to find out that since I callled out because I was sick on truck day, my boss said to Jarett, "He must be on hallucinogens if he thinks his is getting the supervisor position now". The position I had been working towards for over a year, a position where I came in 2 hours early for a month straight, a position I needed to pay for my college next semester.

I go beserk.

I go into the breakroom and I smash a chair into the wall the then smash the chair itself. Although I don't have anger problems, this has really pushed me over the line; I started to puke again since my stomach hadn't settled yet and I had to leave early because I couldn't stop throwing up.

I spend the rest of the day in my bed, and I decided to listen to some 2112 at around 1AM since I couldn't sleep. Halfway through the song I head a loud crack and some yelling followed shortly thereafter. I was too tired to get up and just passed it off as another shooting, seeing as we have had 10 in the past 6 days.

I wake up for work the follwing morning to find my mom making her way up my stairs (I live in the attic), and she turns to me and says, "Now, promise me you won't be angry", but in my half-woken state of mind, I say, "Yeah, whatever, what is it?". She then tells me that a drunken driver had smashed into the back of my car and had most likely broken it beyond repair.

I fly down my stairs and outside.

The back bumper is smashed, the axle is bent into the wheelhousing, and my back door was halfway into the backseat. I stood there at 7:30AM and just thought a long thought of nothing. My mind pondered a collective empty void until my mom told me to get into her car since I needed to get to work.

I then have to be carted around for the next few days by my parents and friends as we had to wait for the insurance adjuster to come and estimate the total damage. He finally makes his way over and totals my car at around 2,300$ of damage, just under the Kelley Blue Book value, which in that case they would have given me a check to buy a new car, which I would have been more than happy to oblige to.

The story behind the other driver is that his axle actually broke while driving (I don't believe it for a second), and he careened into my car. He then tried to get away but my dad came outside and started shouting for him to get out of his car and sit on the curb because the police were on their way. He says to my dad in his broken English like and other stupid Guat we have around here, "I give you 60$, it OK!!", and my dad just laughed at him. It turns out that this guy was not only driving without a license, like every other fucking immigrant we have here, it also wasn't even his car. He was taken by police and I was kept in the dark.

I now have to drive around a 2004 Kia Rio until my car is repaired sometime next week.

So, how's that?

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yea, so i got an M.I.P This week, lost my licence, and one of my best friends is in jail for stabbing a dude, which i was there for. The Back of my Guitar broke, and the house i was staying in last saturday almost burnt down twice, while i was in it, (the smoke damage has been blamed on me). and i still cant find a job to pay all the fines and other shit :( . this all happened last weekend, the first weekend of my Spring break, way to start out a well deserved vacation.

I still cant quite measure up to your week though, tough break dude.

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Dude, I feel so fucking bad about the concert. I told Ken that my mom tried to reach you guys on the phone but you were trying to get directions. She would've tried to find you somewhere in the amazingly retarded street grid that is Philly. It didn't help that there was construction on Market street. The rest of that shit just makes me want to punch a couple babies. I'm sorry dude, and I don't really know what else to say.

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So are they really taking away the supervisor position because you were obscenely sick?

Well, I technically don't have the position yet, the fact is that my last boss had set me up for the position, but he was fired over some huge fiasco for a missing amount of money.

So now with my new boss, I have been basically proving that I can handle anything, but now he is trying to put some nails in my coffin. The good news is that corperate ismost likely going to fire him since he can't get his act together.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my iPod completely erased itself and I had some purchased (giftcards from Christmas) on iTunes is lost. I called Apple to ask why iTunes wouldn't detect purchased music on my account, and they tell me that the music has to be on the computer itself.

Me: "So, why even have the option to detect purchased music if if it has to be right there in the iTunes directory anyways? Wouldn't this be more effective as a service that would detect music that you have purchased so you can retrieve what you legally bought in case of some kind of crash?"

Rep: "......."

Me: "Uh, you there?"

Rep: "Oh, I'm sorry, let me give you a web address where you can Email Apple themselves to ask for some type of exception to get your purchased music back"

Me: "So I need to Email you guys to ask you if you can give me what I already own back?"

Rep: ".......yes"

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Oh, and other great news, I have had to pay for the slight insurance increase to be able to drive my rental. This is 12$ a day, but when I just found out that "the car won't be ready until next week sometime.......hopefully", it adds up.

It looks like I will have to lose 200$ in order to be able to get around now.

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Vee-Dub, do you have a church pic for every situation, or do you just photoshop them (not being a smart-ass, honestly curious)

And Alundra, I could not even imagine having a week like that. I wrote a story called "hard luck case" which you wouldn't even sneeze at after the week you've had.

Basic premise of story: man has car stolen, power goes out at work, ceiling tile drops on him, bus drops him off a long way from his house, he trips on stairs up to his apartment, gets the runs from the mexican food from lunch, thus delaying his dinner date with his girlfriend he's going to propose to, has to run in the rain to get to her, and then he discovers he doesn't have the ring on him. I'd tell you how it ends, but I don't think you care :sleep: (not that I'm blaming you). So, your horrid week defies the boundaries of my imagination. You should write about it, make a short story or a novella out of it; that would be interesting (just trying to take all this negative and turn it into a positive for you)

Hope it all gets better.

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