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My Sociology Project!


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Would you guys mind helping me with an assignment? I need news articles, cartoons, songs, poems, quotes(Books, movie, people), etc... that fit into:

1. Past Parent and Child Relations

2. Present Parent and Child Relations

3. Kids in Trouble (As in they've done something wrong. This is just anyone under 18.)

4. Non parents (Neglectful, abusive, walk-outs, etc...)

It's for my Sociology project.

I'm not expecting anybody to do all the work or anything. I just figured I could find articles from non-local news sources, and quotes from novels/movies better this way then I can on my own. Thanks to anybody who helps out - I'm aiming at 20 items for each topic.

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You sure you want it to be that broad? I remember when I took Sociology that my Prof. stressed that we narrow down our main topic when doing our final paper. I did mine on the affects of mass media on video games.My grade was a B :crube:

Well, this isn't as in depth as a paper. It's a scrap-book type thing. So any article, quote, etc... that falls somewhere in the realm will do.

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