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It's amazing I tell you.

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One minute your unemployed, on unemployment, & have no idea what to do. Next thing you know, you're applying to all kinds of places left & right. You wait a while. No one calls. You wait longer. No one calls. Six months pass by & no one has fucking called you. You begin to panic, since you know that unemployment can only last so long. Then one day, you decide to go to school & learn something.

As you're in school, you begin to learn all kinds of neat things. Before you know it, you're doing some kind of internship or some kind of job that is related to what you're learning in school. You start making money once again. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Graduation approaches. You’re in school & working. Before you know it, the school picks up your current resume & sends it out to various companies. Next thing you know, all kinds of companies begin calling you left & right.

Ah! Now you’re in some kind of good position. You still have to finish up school & you also have a job! This is the most perfect timing to begin negotiating with all these people that call you up.

“Hello. Can we speak to Mr. Gee,” says the man or lady on the other side of the phone. “Yes. This is me”, is my reply. “Oh, good. We have an entry level position for blah blah job”, they say. I ask, “Ah! Is this full time or part time? Is this an agency or an actual company? I don’t like agencies.” The person says, “It’s full time & we are / are not an agency.” If it’s an agency I tell them that I’m not interested. Agencies fucking suck ass. If it’s not an agency, “I see… We’ll, I’m actually not looking for a job right now, since I’m in school.” They say, “Oh, we can work around that. Are you still interested?” they ask.

This is where I begin to ask how much is the pay & everything else. Well, to boil it down. I have a job interview this coming Monday. I’m going to let them have it with some heavy negotiating. Yes. I’m in a good position right now. I already have a job & I will only move for if they offer me more money & benefits & it has to be A LOT more money that what I currently make, not to mention that it has to be something permanent.

I get these calls at least once a day now. I accept or reject offers on the phone. Life is great.

The moral of the story is: GO TO SCHOOL!

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That's why you major in something that is easier to get into.

You don't even come close to discussing the concepts of supply and demand in your moral though. It should say, "Go to school, if what you desire to be requires a degree. Also, one must look at the job market for the occupation you are considering, to see if the previous sentence is still a fine idea."

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^ I wish you luck!

I myself am waiting to find out if I'm going to get hired by this structural engineering firm. I'm going to be their draftsman for now. They did a lot of the structural engineering for the "Ghost Rider" roller coaster in Knott's Berry Farm. They've done some other neat stuff as well. It looks like an awesome place to work at! (^o^ ) <3

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Yeah, if it was only that easy.

Whoa there. Am I to assume that your are insinuating that college doesn't automatically provide you with a high-paying/status job? The concept is blowing my mind!

So, in other words, college doesn't necessarily improve your life and could even put you in massive debt.

*runs over to a score board and marks a point down for his side*

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Here's what my grandfather tells me about college.

"I dropped out of college 2 times, but the 3rd time my mom finally was able to keep me in. I got my degree in teaching. I've taught for a total of 6 months in my entire life. That degree helped me get a job based on the fact I could relate to the public. So, Chris, stay in school and get your degree."

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