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I'm going to Japan


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Not to steal your thunder or anything, Amy, but this reminded me and I figure it's the best place to say I'm going to Italy on saturday, so if anyone wants a postcard from there, do the same thing.

I'm doing the same thing. Well, Italy and Greece. I leave on the 12th. This Easter: AE TRAVELS!!!

I'd like something sent to me, but with my package from Reinas coming I'm trying to keep random mail down... no offense. I may still give you my address though.

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Heyyyy I'm going to Japan from April 10-April 18~~~ If you want a postcard (promise I will send them) PM me your address. If you don't trust me, oh well. =P Will post many pics.

aw man -- too bad its only till the 18th -- cuz the 19th is my bday -- you could've sent me a post card postmarked april 19th haha...then wrote happy bday and what not.

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I'm going to Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo~

T_T I'm not sure if we get to see Fuji san, though.

If you're going to Osaka, go to Nipponbashi (you can reach it on the train by going to Kitahama, then getting on the subway to Ebisucho). It's, like, geek central.

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I developed a lot of pictures and they gave me discs full of them but the discs won't work on my computer for some reason~~~

But yea, Japan is wonderful~ Too lazy to go into details, though. I'd love to live there except I'd miss indie rock and I don't like the humidity. I'm going to do an exchange program there next summer maybe.

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