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Accelerated Evolution

DragonForce Vs. Sonata Arctica


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DragonForce, easily. Like Dorkon said, they're cheesier. Also, how can you beat the band that has Dave Mackintosh as their drummer? (former drummer for Bal Sagoth)

You know what, and I do not say this in disrespect, but fuck Dave Mackintosh.


That is all.

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well I'll agree I mean how can I not, the man won the Dimebag Darrell Award For Best Young Shredder, but whatcha got against the Mac-man?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Except for him not being Herman Li. Which is a grudge I hold against everyone who isn't Herman Li.

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But their is one vital factor you are all forgetting. DragonForce are British and therefore automatically win by default.

Also as already pointed out....HERMAN FUCKING LI.

Also how can you compete against beer drinking stright into a solo it just can't be beat. DragonForce all the way on this one.

And if you still try to come back after those little facts then Herman's hair obliterates any chance of a come back SA had.

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Unfortunately, yes you do.

Am I the only person who listened to Dragonforce's newest album once and forgot about it? Their songs seem really unmemorable on this album. It's just MEEDLYMEEDLYMEEDLYMEEDLY*pac-man noise* THE FIRE IN THE NIIIGHT OF PAIN WE ARE FIGHTING UNTIL THE TIME OF FOREVERRRR *nintendo noise* (Yes, I made it up, but it sounds like something they'd write.)

yah probably. i got tons of enjoyment out of Inhuman Rampage

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