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Just picked this up today and so far so good. Here is a readout of the storyline.

The forces of nature. Ancient warriors. And a battle between good and evil. This is KamiKaze, one of the latest new manga releases from TOKYOPOP.

Written by Satoshi Shiki (Riot) and produced by TOKYOPOP, KamiKaze is the story of Misao, our unsuspecting heroine who is actually the Girl of Water, one of 5 Kegai no Tami - an ancient clan representing the forces of nature. 3 of the Kegai (Fire, Wind and Void) want to use Misao's blood to release the legendary 88 beasts who have been imprisoned for over 1000 years.

But Misao is not alone. Another Kegai, Ishigami Kamuro wants to help her. Can they defeat the three Kegai and save Japan from the 88 Beasts?

It weighs in around 260 pages too so you basically get a good story plus damn good bit of contect compared so some of the faggy anime books that only give you 50 pages for $10. Anywhoo, it just came out on March 26th, I recommend it, its good stuff so check it out guys.

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