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My Eurotrip


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If you want me to send you a postcard from either Italy or Greece just PM me your address or post it in here if you so wish. I'll make sure to send everyone a card. Sug, your birthday's the 19th right? I'll make sure to send your card then. As for everyone else -- it'll be random.

People who I have addresses from




Crube (Need clarification if he wants a postcard or not)

Reinas (See Crube)

Mr. and Mrs. U-1



Samurai Drifter



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ohh and Darkon...if you could hook a bro up with a postcard that would rock..I'll pay ya back

Postcards cost like 20 cents. I'll definitely send you one, don't worry about the money. My parents are giving me enough money to send out a ton of postcards.

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Again Lindsay, I'd want a postcard from you if it were guaranteed to come when I'm home. After I got Reinas' package they were a little confused. They're totally anti-meeting people on the internet.

Aww...hehe. It was just a pair of magazines! Now if I sent you a plane ticket and Flames tickets - then...y'heah.

Ooh, can you send me a postcard from Greece, if ya don't mind? I've always wanted to travel there.

Have fun on your trip and take lots and lots of pictures! Especially of Greece!

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I'm setting my camera to take 1024 resolution pictures as opposed to the 2048 it is normally set on. This way I can fit twice the number of pictures on. I will, however, take huge pictures of things such as the Parthenon and Vatican. In case any of them turn out well, I can get big prints of them made and hang them in my house.

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