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Lets praise Suikoden IV


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Yep, this is a topic to praise Suikoden IV, but there will be some rules.

1. - Only list ONE good thing about the game per post. List a good thing about Suikoden IV and then wait for somebody else to list a good thing about Suikoden IV. Lets see how long we can keep this going.

2. - NO SARCASM!!! Yeah, I know it is fun to make fun of Suikoden IV, but this topic is SERIOUS. Only list things that you though actually were good about Suikoden IV.

I will start.

Suikoden IV had progressive scan mode which is very nice and I wonder why Konami didn't put it into Suikoden V. This is something Suikoden IV certainly has on Suikoden V.

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When I was on a boat in the Bay of Naples taking me to the Island of Capri I was reminded of my time playing Suikoden IV. Suikoden IV = Only video game besides Suikoden V (Because I had just finished playing it and it doesn't count as a result) I thought of in a foreign country. That counts for something.

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