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The first episode was fairly generic. Animation reminded me a lot of Pokemon's third season, in the shitty days of Johto. It was very bland and should have been a lot more colorful. It also completely rearranges the story of the game, which doesn't make much sense if they planned to have it as a partner-story to Disgaea 2.

On the plus side, a good bit of the music is taken from the game (even though the OP was fairly annoying and didn't do anything particularly well). The humor is a lot like the game's as well, like Laharl still being afraid of big breasts. Also, the episode previews are a lot like Etna's chapter previews from the game, which were pure gold.

All in all, I'll probably keep watching for a while just to see where it's going. I remember dismissing Viewtiful Joe a few episodes in, even though it apparently got better later. With the introduction of Etna, the growing pains of a new show might be a bit less painful.

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Saw the episode and i have too agree that animation quality was subpar at best, but I like the fact they brought in alot of the aspects that made the game great such as Laharl's weakness to love and big mammary glands. I am also liking the fact that they rearranged the story. Most of the RPG game to anime conversions I have seen tend to be very boring if they follow the storyline completely. You know what to expect because you played through the game, like the snore fest that was Star Ocean EX.

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Star Ocean EX didn't follow the story exactly, but I liked it anyway because I loved the game, and Rena was adorable.

But anyway, I watched Disgaea as well, and I was disapointed... The story is changed and the animation wasn't what I was expecting after seeing the anime series promo trailer. Hopefully once they get into some battles with enemies that are more important than random giant beasts, the animation quality will pick up.

I still <3 Flonne, though.

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