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Star Trek XI??!

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I agree with one of the people who commented on that. At this point Star Trek needs to be put away for a while or completely reinvented. Because at this point adding more will just confuse things.

This would be a great chance to do things like make it more scientifically feasible, restart the timeline so it actually made sense and didn't rely on a lot of time travel and such.

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But then how do you account for people on the Bridge hearing explosions?

The microphones on the thing blowing up transmit the sound to the bridge via a special, unblockable subspace wave. Every ship has this microphone, and every ship has this unblockable subspace receiver. It's sorta like a black box.

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Because ALL races in the galaxy have the technology, and for the asteroids, it's because vast sums of money from all governments are devoted to sending out teams to each and every asteroid, comet etc. and installing on each a special sensor that reads the vibrations of the rock and translates it to sound signals to be transmitted on the unlockable subspace frequency.

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