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hm, last thing was stupid -- so edit was required.

shameless thing? my friends laugh at me when I do this...

you know the little ketchup container thingies they have at BK? You fill em with ketchup from the dispenser -- well...one of the guys dared me to fill em with pop one day. obviously...I did it -- it was a small dare, so it'd be stupid if I backed down.

now, everytime we go to BK -- I take a bunch of em and fill em with pop and use em as pretend shot glasses -- they guys look at me like 'wtf...we don't know you' -- yeah, they're ashamed of em -- the ppl at BK look at me all weird like 'wtf is she doing...?' -- but I end up bringing the guys over and getting em to try it too!

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sug it's ok that you diss people's outfits (oooo i told), i do that too ahaha xD.

well you all know this but i have a very soft and fast voice so nobody can hear me! it's embarassing especially since I tell many anecdotes that people cannot hear.


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Occasional my friends give me a hard time for being too liberal for my own good health. Can't say I blame them, really.

Er... As for things that I'm ashamed of? Well... I'm in the highest math class my school teaches, so everyone assumes I'm really good at math. But I'm not. At all. I just happened to skip the first two years of high school math (AKA the stupid years where you don't learn anything that applies to anything, and are also the only required years) and went straight to the fun stuff -- logic, calculus, and trigonometry. Anyway, sometimes I feel a little ashamed because I actually do like math I just have a lot of trouble with it, so I can't help my friends who are in lower division classes because I forget math things like a week after I learn them, so I definitely can't remember what I learned two years ago.

Besides that I'm not ashamed of too much. Sometimes my friends embarass me a little, but that's what they're for, eh? Like the time we drove by (in my friend's van) the Catholic all-girl's school right as it was getting out, opened the sliding door, and yelled "GET IN THE VAN" at all the catholic schoolgirls. Funny, yet a little embarassing, and also possibly illegal.

I say they're asking for trouble. Single gender schools are laaame.

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sug it's ok that you diss people's outfits (oooo i told), i do that too ahaha xD.

haha, yeah...then I realized its not something I'm really ashamed of...

I like My Chemical Romance XD

so do i haha...

oh, and i like FOB -- I don't care what ppl say...I like some of their songs!

I do too!


hmm...were you just joking then...? damn, i might have to edit this post then!

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