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Favorite Racing Music?

Ikari Warrior

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I was debating of whether I should put this in "music" or "video games", but I'm more interested in people's favorite racing game soundtracks are, or if you listen to your own music, and shut the game music off.

My favorite music is from Out Run 2. I love "Splash Wave", but the other two tracks from the original outrun are great, too.

So, how 'bout y'all?

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I like most of the soundtracks to the Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, and Initial D series, so i'll let them on. But most console racers have a tendency to be repetitive.

It depends, when I'm playing Civilization or a strategy type game I will. Blind Guardian + Rome: Total War = love

Or if I'm playing my DS in my chair I'll kill the volume and listen to music.

Did you get lost at the word "racing"?

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When I am playing WoW, it's mainly Rush and Shadow Gallery since I need something that will keep me going yet not get me too excited like something like Angra.

For racing games, I only play Gran Turismo, but usually the soundtrack is barely audible. I put on Royksopp when I'm about to do an Endurance run. I remember doing the Pikes Peak 4 hour Endurance run 5 years ago listening to some weird techno music before I discovered the wonderful world of metal.

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When I'm playing EVE Online I usually jam out to a mix of Radiohead, Aphex Twin, The Mars Volta, Muse, Tool, and then anything spacey that I can find in my Media Library. As for racing games, I usually would jam out to whatever classic rock songs populated my X-Box's HD. Usually something like Tom Petty's "Running Down a Dream" or Hendrix's "Cross Town Traffic".

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Hahaha! I thought this thread was about actual real life racing. I don't listen to music in the car when I'm out flogging it in the canyons or on a road coarse. I need to hear the motor, the tires, & all the other clunks & noises to make sure that I don't eat it. Hahaha! ( ^o^) <3

But yeah, whenever I would play Gran Turismo, I would always turn off the music. It got annoying after a while! \(>o< )

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All the racing games that have released recently have shitty soundtracks, but the Gran Turismo 2 soundtrack was cool.

And just for the hell of it I ALWAYS listen to di.fm's Hard Core station when playing WoW.

I generally listen to ninja music like Kung Fu Fighting.


Or when i am in the BG, something epic and war-like, like Gettysburg by Iced Earth (which fits the bill perfectly and is long as fuck)

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