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I'm on my third play through of RE4. Finaly beat it last week, and I must say the Infinite Rocket Launcher owns. Although, at this point I would rathe be able to buy an infinite Attache Case.

Oh, is there any point in paying 70,000 for the Matilda?

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Guitar Hero. I've got to stand atop the pinacle of the mountaintop, looking down upon those that have congregated to listen to my magnificent tune, grab forth my almighty axe and raise it toward the heavens, as I strike the strum lever and hold down the tune buttons. You cannot stop the power that is... ROCK!!!

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I've actually picked up WC III: FT. Been playing some maul's online. God I love those things. Sucks I can't host....damn router. Besides that, Battle Front 2. Was gona go out and try Path of Neo, but I heard it didn't get too hot reviews, Maybe I rent it first.

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