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L.A. Noire.

the questioning system is vague and makes it unbelievably frustrating to play. none of what you do matters anyway since all the clues needed to make an arrest will be thrown in your face worse than a CSI episode if you didn't pick them up earlier. in the second major case i couldn't find hardly anything since the questioning went to shit with both witnesses, but finding the murder weapon magically made Cole know who did it despite me never even hearing the guy's name beforehand.

This is precisely how I feel. Also their new mocap technology actually makes the questioning worse since everyone constantly exaggerates and is generally unrealistic looking/moving. So I find myself thinking everyone is lying because of how inhuman they're acting as opposed to how connected I'm suppose to feel to the drama.


I really hate how this game makes me feel like I'm doing everything wrong. And the intuition system is ridiculous. A detective game shouldn't need the lifelines from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

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A detective game shouldn't need the lifelines from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

the best is when you use a point to ask the community and it pops up with a "2.7% of the community got this right" and the others are a good 50 something split.

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Hey now, Iceman is an omega class mutant! He could freeze the entire world... he just doesn't want to. And blue tighty whities are totally cool.

LoZ: Links Awakening. I don't want to pay $6 for GBC games, but I can't help it. God damn you, Nintendo.

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Hunted: The Demon Forge - A lot better than every review makes it out to be. Once I realized it's the videogame equivalent of a B-movie I was much happier. The kind of happy I get from Serious Sam or Duke Nukem once I let go of how dumb it all is and just have fun.

LoZ: Link's Awakening and Super Mario Land - I'm in complete agreement with Siendra, only they got a full 9.99 from me. =(

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Playing through the Da Vinci's disappearance DLC in preparation for Revelations. So far I'm not really digging it. It's just more of the same but with a dumb new enemy I don't care about that isn't the templars.

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Ever since I installed my new processor I've been enjoying the games that I couldn't with my old processor: The Witcher, Mass Effect, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I also got back into Fallout 3. The other day I also purchased the Gears of War pack from gamestop but I have barely played it.

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OoT 3D: Taking it pretty slow with this one. It's a good game, and it looks fantastic, but it is simultaneously the best and worst use of the 3D to date. The effect is great, and very prominent, but turning it on causes terrible aliasing issues and some objects just aren't set-up properly causing you to see a sort of ghost image while everything else is in perfect focus. I also have to agree with probably the one negative review the game has gotten - porting the 13 year olf midi music straight across is god damn lazy and the exact type of corner cutting bs that starting to make me fed up with Nintendo.

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"porting the 13 year olf midi music straight across is god damn lazy and the exact type of corner cutting bs that starting to make me fed up with Nintendo. "

This didn't happen. They rebuilt all the music to purposely sound exactly the same because Nintendo demanded it after they decided they didn't like the originally planned orchestral score because it "ruined the charm." There is no straight port though. They did remaster the music to sound identical. If you listen carefully it is of better quality.

None of that matters imo. The game is damn perfect. The only issue I've had is the occaisional object poking out as you mentioned, and 3d aiming is fantastic but a bit jumpy. Also it's kinda annoying to have to turn of the 3d every time I want to aim. And no, I won't use the stick. It sucks.

I've been playing the shit out of OoT: 3D. The water temple is a bitch still.

Dungeon Siege 3: It's only caused my computer to Blue Screen twice in the 2 hours I've played it! A new Obsidian record. Aside from that it's pretty mediocre. And I hate listening to Odo say the name Jeyne Kassynder.

Children of Eden has been fun. I wish it had stayed a 360 arcade game though. MS demanded it be released at retail to help fill the kinect line-up. But they didn't make it any longer. 5 levels is cool for arcade or for dreamcast several years ago. And while it may be 40 bucks, I would have been happier with 20. It's still awesome though.

Also I beat Duke Nukem Forever. It's offensive and as simple as a game from 10 years ago would be. I didn't mind it nearly as much as everyone says.

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Yeah, it's still a great game. Remastering the music.... ehh, I guess it invalidates the lazy comment to a degree, but it's still a negative mark in my book. The game charmed me 13 years ago, it doesn't need to do that again. I wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't charmed the first time around, and the people who never played it aren't going to know the difference anyway.

Either way, Greezo did a great job and I hope Nintendo has them on a MM remake right now, as well as working on a new game internally (or with Capcom). Honestly, I think MM actually suffered somewhat being on the N64, where as OoT was right at home.

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Battlefield 3 alpha trial and Child of Eden.

Registering a code left in a blockbuster box on the first week of rental for Medal of Honor makes me "one of our valued and trusted Battlefield players". Thanks, Dice. :awesome:

Child of Eden is fun. Took me until Passion to figure out the big difference between lock-on and tracers. It didn't click with me until the satalite dish-like things to know that you had to use tracers to take care of purple things, orange with lock-on, even though they tell you that at the start. Suddenly the game was much easier and I blew out my previous high scores, go figure.

I can't even imagine how you'd play this on Kinect. No vibration, and the movement is probably not as precise as a controller. Least if prior Kinect games are any indication.


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Love it so far and I'm on day 5. It's gone above what I thought it was going to be. The game is very tame with sexual content, the most graphic thing I've seen six hours in is some side boob (never nipples, they are always obscured by something) and Catherine telling Vincent she did a sexual act she's too embarrassed to repeat. And I'm enjoying making decisions in the game. Choosing between answering a question honestly or selecting the right answer because it probably gives you the "good" ending is fun. I'm answering and responding to a lot of Cat's text while viewing her cheesecake pictures (which are also really damn tame) shots she sends, so I'm probably not going to get the good ending.

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driver san fanciso

the storyline is so absurd and a lot of the missions don't make any sense but it does't take itself seriously much so it's a lot of fun to play. tanner's partner is a realistic version of Sazh from FF13

I want to try that out personally to see if they even tried to map the city to the game.

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