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Thats weird alot of people said that this was a shitty game and I'm a Suda 51 fan....

Maybe that's why they think it's a shitty game. Because I think all his other games are shitty.

That or they weren't expecting an old school brawler and / or are playing it wrong. If you're not sparklehunting and dodging like a pro you don't belong on the San Romeo Knights cheer squad.

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xenoblade chronicles.

i was skeptical about the reviews for it, thinking that it's probably only scoring high because of being a "good" rpg on wii, but hot damn is it good. even though all the high powered armor looks silly as hell in cutscenes.

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Resident Evil 6 is the Demon's Souls of the RE series.

i'm in the camp that actually loves it. once you figure out some of the stuff the game never bothers to teach you, like painting targets for your partner, auto recover/rollback, counter-melees, quickshots are instant kill for some enemies and will daze others. and adjusting to how the game plays, like realizing your health will be back at checkpoints when you die (there isn't a need to use herbs all the time), it's a lot more fun.

also, the frequency of QTEs are also greatly exaggerated in reviews.

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Borderlands 2 whenever my roomate is at work or sleeping and i can jank his copy. level 23 splatter witch rocking elemental smgs. and whenever i'm playing with him comando with nothing but slag weapons. works great with his assasin.

otherwise star ocean last hope on ps3

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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

"It doesn't get any more real than this."

"No other gaming brand brings authenticity to life like Medal of Honor.” -- EA

"Danger Close want to relive the good old days with Medal of Honor Warfighter. They want to create the most authentic and realistic shooter ever." - DustyCartridge

a quarter of the way through the game there is a mission literally titled "Hello and Dubai", where you drive a car at breakneck speeds through crowded Dubai streets while stuff like chickens get smashed up against your windshield as you try to spin other pursuing cars out. the car also has the ability to catch on fire and magically fix itself so long as you keep driving. the second half of this mission brings up a small Metal Gear Solid 1-era mini map on the bottom of the screen, with arrows showing you were pursuing cars are and their field of vision (which is always straight, for some reason). you must pull into small, marked parking lots and wait for the cars to pass on the mini map before you can continue.

there is also a trophy/achievement called Extreme Realism that is unlocked by recovering from dying five times.

i shit you not, AE. Warfighter should not be played, it must be experienced.


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XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Dig the game a lot. Story is pretty bleh, but the gameplay's been fantastic. At this point I kinda wish there was a bit more variety to it all, so here's hoping the upcoming DLC continues to expand it. I dunno if the currently planned "china mission arc" is what I want, but keep experimenting guys. I want more XCOM, so figure it out however you need to.

Halo Wars - Giving this game a shot. Seeing what I can learn from it and how they structured their RTS campaign. So far it seems mostly told through cutscenes, but hey. Might end up recording it. Still thinking about it.

Beyond Good and Evil - Trying to finish this one up. Still a good game, it just gets kinda tiring.

Hotline Miami - God this game is great. Simple at it's core but super addicting, and the music is fucking great.

And of course all of this will be thrown aside when Assassin's Creed III and Need for Speed: Most Wanted come out.

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i'm enjoying Conner's adventures on the homestead much more than Assasssin's Creed 3 proper.

although i'd probably enjoy any part of the game more if it didn't bug out every couple of minutes. in the fifteen hours or so of playtime i've experienced:

- Haytham getting stuck on the ship's edge and floating into the sky.

- some characters not being able to move their mouths (despite speaking) in a few cut scenes.

- random muskets frozen in mid air.

- being taken into a hold animation despite the enemy being a couple feet from me.

- getting a "Search area narrowed" clue trigger and then it getting rid of the entire search zone.

- soldiers randomly jumping off boats and rocks if they are close to the water.

- carriages floating, but still moving, down into the street.

- QTEs often lock up when fighting bears and cougars, despite pressing the right buttons. the ones on Oak island especially.

- after getting the shard of Eden it has to notify me after EVERYTHING. every time I fast travel or finish any kind of story/homestead/navel mission.

- multiple Haythams models on screen and in cut scenes.

- a bunch of red "you failed this objective" notices even though i wasn't near the objective in the first place.

- homestead people stretching their arms out and walking like dolls.

- mission start markers not appearing on the map.

there are probably some i'm forgetting, too. so far i haven't had any bad luck in the navel missions. i like it, but all these glitches keep getting in the way of enjoying it.

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Ni No Kuni. i love that the villain looks straight out of a major Sailor Moon arc.

i'm playing it with a scanned copy of the wizard's companion since it doesn't look like Namco-Bandai is going to get them in anytime soon.

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