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Batsu sucks now


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Over the past few days one of the admins took down the Fileshare section and the other admin, who is also his friend, have been arguing about putting it back on. But today they posted this announcement.

We have received Official Notices to take off offensive material and will be making many interface changes and upgrades in the next few days. The Album, Avatars, Signatures, and the filesharing forum will be turned off. I sincerely apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

This fucking sucks. That was like the best place to get new music and learn about new bands. How effin laaaaame. ;_;

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It's gotten even worse. Now you can't post a picture of a band unless you have been authorized to do so. So we can't have any band related avatars or sigs. And even though the fileshare forum is still back up, if you download something, the admin turns your IP over for legal action. What a fucking nazi.

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