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creating CD's and YOU


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Okay so this easter I'm getting a CD player (:D :D :D) portable music once more! hurray

but all my CD's are really old. booo

I want to burn a bunch more but I am just wondering how do you burn CDs that make sense? Before I'd like put my six favorite songs first and then a bunch of crap at the end as filler. (do you just put the songs in the order they were on the actual CD?) do you try to have the same band/artist through the whole cd? or go by genre? etc etc

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haha yeah I know, I feel really down-to-earth and economical using CDs rather than an Ipod even though since I keep dropping them and stuff (the last one actually fell in my toilet last summer ewww, it had just been flushed though) I've spent more than an ipod would cost

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Usually I just mix -- I'll make like...a fast paced CD -- a CD with slow songs -- etc. Other times I'll just put my favourite songs of one artists on a CD. The most recent CD's that I've burnt -- I just put the albums as they were on the actual CD [since I own the actual CD, I ripped it and then burned it -- keeps the originals from getting scratched up] --

OR...if I'm listening to a few songs more often than the rest -- then I'll put a bunch of those together and burn em -- just because I'm listening to em a lot at that time...

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There was a two month period after my iPod got stolen before I could get some scratch to replace it.

CD's are really, really shitty and a huge hassle when you've had an iPod.

Still, during that two month period I had to listen to music so I bought a $20 CD player and just created a few playlists of music I liked and lisetned to them. Not too complex, you know.

I believe I had one that had several tracks of Spiderbait on the first half and several tracks of the Red Elvises on the second half. Another was a bastard mix of Johnny Cash, Donovan, Ensiferum and DEVO.

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